Culture Comes Out of Your Hands

Everything we see is the result of our hands

Everything we see around us is the result of our hands. Look around you: the buildings, the food, and the clothes, it comes from culture which comes out from your fingers. They create character, imperfections, art and diversity in all things. When you make something with your hands, you inject your metaphysical DNA into the creation–it takes on your characteristics, leaving your imprint wherever you create. When a writer pens his thoughts, he lays his consciousness onto the written piece, giving the reader access to his potency. When a violinist plays his instrument, his fingers create a sound as unique as a fingerprint. Your soul comes out through your fingers.
Beauty is Dying Everyday

Beauty is dying every day. It is hard to find any original works of art anywhere. From architecture to fashion, everything has become computer generated, processed and unappealing. The colors are bland and the structure is too symmetrical; things don’t have life anymore. I blame mass production and corporate fascism for the unfortunate state of our aesthetic progression. We don’t make things for appreciation and practicality anymore; instead, we make them for consumption and production value. If it costs too much to make, companies won’t invest in it. If the creation won’t sell to the masses, then it will be discarded. This mentality and culture result in the lifeless man-made creations that we now have.

It is Important to Use Our Hands in the Things That We Make

The world needs more character, art and texture. Put thought into everything you do and into everything you make. Because of the way we are programmed, we ignore our actions. We are not mindful of everything that we can impact. When you write something, you transfer for your consciousness into the work. When you cook something, a piece of you goes into the food. If you become more conscience of the things that you materialize, you will surround yourself with more genuine substance. Your surroundings will have more character and life, and not be just a forgotten creation. 

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