Don’t get caught up in the circus

Fashion people have a tendency to turn their noses up at simplicity and pass it off as pedestrian and mundane. This may be because of the message that fashion advertising sends–that accessories and patterns are what make fashion. Although accessorizing and layering can be appealing images, people forget that simplicity is one of the great virtues of modern fashion. Think of the philosophies of icons like Coco Chanel, Calvin Klein and Donna Karen–simplicity is an image of modernity.
 Confidence shines the most in simplicity

When you strip away the distractions, you arrive at a person’s core. The raw image of minimalist fashion radiates very potent energy. That is why Calvin Klein advertisements are so compelling; the images of a model like Kate Moss in simple jeans produces a modern type of beauty. For so long, women were influenced to be abundantly ornate: influenced to wear heavy makeup, have intricately styled hair and wear painfully tight corsets. As the status of women grew in the last century, their image developed into clean and straightforward styles. The ultimate symbols of female status are the likes of Coco Chanel, Calvin Klein and DKNY. They capture the essences that are required in contemporary successful women: which are confidence, independence and drive. A simple dress, a one colored suit or a jeans and t-shirt combination is an “in your face” statement of empowerment. It means that a girl doesn’t need to do anything to impress anyone or to use her image for approval. Her skills and abilities are where her true value lies; and that is what simple fashion demonstrates.
 Young people should dress in simple clothing; they are beautiful enough and don’t need any distractions

Since business like to target the impressionable youth demographic, young people tend to get caught up in the circus of fashion messaging. They buy into the hype of bags, jewelry, flashy coats and boots. Although there is room for those trendy items in fashion, they habitually neglect their natural youthful beauty. It is such a special time to be young. Your face and your body are at the pinnacle of their conditions. Distracting fashion can take away from your youthful vibe. Going to public places and seeing girls in flashy belts, boots and frilled tops can be distasteful. It gives the impression of a kid that is desperate for approval and attention. Young people should take the time to embrace their youth and just forget about high fashion. Letting their abundance of energy and healthy smiles is more attractive.  


  1. I totally agree. We are caught up sometimes in the ‘add ons’ the accessories and we don’t always need them. Sometimes I feel that adorning ourselves with make up, jewellery, hair clips, bags, scarves can detract from our own beauty and from the beauty of a simple piece of clothing.

    I’m not into high fashion, I can’t afford it and it’s not practical for where I am right now in my life, I’m a high street budget girl, but even then sometimes I’m in a cute simple elegant black dress, black heels, little clutch and I find myself reaching for jewellery and such and I know that it’s all going to detract from the simplicity and sometimes simplicity is beautiful. It’s like stripping things back to their natural state almost.

    I love a bit of bling like the next girl, but it doesn’t have to happen. At work we are taught to coax customers into buying accessories obviously for business sustainability purposes, but at times I think “No, she doesn’t need anything with that shift dress and pumps, they speak for themselves”.

    Great post x

  2. Hey, Bob – thanks for popping by my blog! I’m enjoying poking around yours. I like this article because it is something I’ve always agreed with. Less is more but it does take confidence to do it. Hiding is the name of the game these days, be it a lack of self-esteem or a body “flaw” or the “wrong” social status…

    Yours in simple confidence,

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