Reverieny Designer Profile

The New York City based fashion label Reverieny, is the epitome of edgy American fashion. I have seen collections from many NYC based fashion designers, with some of their edgy designs really catching my eye. However, more often than not, those labels miss the mark on the compass of edgy fashion. Even well known designers: such as Diane Von Furstenburg, Alexander Wang and DKNY miss the mark for me. Their looks are either too processed or too polished to be edgy. Even if a collection has a creative combination of visuals and far-seeing trends, it can still come off artificial. That is not the case for the fashion label Reverieny. Their combination of skin, street attitude, styling, fabric and color make their fashion label a stand out.

It is the combination of American simplicity and European street pizaz that makes their Spring/Summer 2014 collection so good. The mini dresses with the floppy hats in many colors are the perfect combination of sexiness, boldness and practicality. Just like that, adding the large floppy hat to the minimalist dress takes the look from ordinary to superstar. The mini dresses show just the right amount of skin, making a woman effortlessly sexy. The high quality fabric is balanced with graphic print and faded colors. That sentiment makes the collection edgy but classy, cool but not too street. The lightning bolt graphics is something that I have not seen in other collections either. It is creative way to spice up a dress. They are truly one of a kind pieces.

The fashion label’s aesthetic fits the moment entirely. From the fabric, to the color dynamics,a woman wearing Reverieny will be the superstar of the room. Reverieny captures quintessential New York City woman; she is busy, confident, sexy and bold.


















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