Beauty, Space and Capitalism

I am touched by this Japanese fashion editorial impeccably ornate with chaos and bountiful spirit. The fashion narrative is reminiscent of the streets of Tokyo: exciting, colorful, neon-lit and a pulsating with nuclear energy, it is as if the incomparably modern spirit of Tokyo incarnated into the photograph.

Metropolitan Tokyo is a paradox. An area the size of Los Angeles squeezes over 35 million residents into its limits. All competitive, all hungry, and all cutthroat, its citizens maintain one of the lowest crime rates of any major city. There are bizarre businesses one can only find in this “alien-esque” place, such as the maid cafes, love motels, capsule hotels and microstudios. In all of the city’s quirkiness and cutthroat competition, it boasts a laser like precision. The Shinkansen bullet train transports millions of workers a daily; with its over 300 miles an hour speeds and break neck timing, it is the pinnacle of cosmopolitan life.





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